Document management

This section describes all functionality of document editor. Document editor page contain the following data:


1. Documents management menu. This menu allows view the list of documents, add documents (Structured and External) to template, move documents inside template (set documents order) and remove documents from template

2. Undo/Redo options related to actions inside document. Functionality in development now!

3. Document zoom functionality. It allows to zoom documents inside template. Allowed options: Fit, 50%, 75%, 100%, 125%, 150%, 200%

4. Text heading. It allows to set the text heading inside document (paragraph, cell). Allowed options: Paragraph, Header H1, Header H2, Header H3, Header H4

5. Text font. It allows to set text font inside document (paragraph, cell). Allowed options: Arial, Calibri, Courier New, Gergia, Roboto, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Verdana

6. Text size. It allows to set text size inside document (paragraph, cell). Allowed options: Tiny, Small, Default, Big, Huge

7. Text styles. It allows to apply styles to text, paragraph or cell. B - bold text style, I - italic text style, underscored U - underlined text style, underscored A - colored text, paint icon - colored background

8. Text horizontal align. It allows to apply horizontal text align in paragraph or cell. Allowed options: align left, align center, align right, justify text

9. Add link. It allows to insert link with custom text to the document. Functionality in development now!

10. Add image. It allows to add image to hte document. Image functionality documentation

11. Add table. It allows to add static table to the document. User is able to choose table columns and rows quantity. Max value is 10x10. Static table documentation

12. Add list. It allows to add list to the document. Allowed options: numbered list and bulleted list

13. Cut document. It allows to set mark after which document will be cut and visually displays as two documents. Functionality in development now!

14. Split document. It allows to split document vertically on two similar parts. All content which has been added before applying split option will be added to the left part of the document

15. Document options. This action allows to open context menu with document options. Allowed options: Clone, Delete, Page size, Page orientation

16. Right side bar menu. Menu allows to add dynamic field, configure template details and template flow. Menu opens by click or opened by default for screen resolution bigger than 1920p

17. Document editor area. Area where customer is able to add text (typing or pasting it), add images, tables, fields

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