Server Configuration Properties

Global properties - The name of the platform
app.theme - The UI theme of the platform (Red or Blue)

User properties (app.user)

validation-code-hours-lifetime - The life time of the validation code in email
invitation-hours-lifetime - The life time of invitation to the account
seconds-between-validations - To prevent many requests and many emails
profile-phone:boolean - Enable required phone on registration
profile-phone-default-region - Default phone region (UA,FR,GB)
email-validation-code-length - The number of characters for validation code in e-mail

Locale properties (app.locales)

supported - The list of supported locales (en, ru, uk)
defaultLocale - The default locale of the platform (for invitations)
defaultCountry - The default country of the platform (if no coordinates in header)
defaultAsLanguage - The default locale will be taken as language in browser (geolocation and language of browser don’t matter then)
timezone - The default time zone of the platform (for user creation, dates in email and pdf)

Password policy (app.user.password-policy)

min-length - Enforce minimum password length
max-length - Enforce maximum password length
uppercase - Require uppercase letters
lowercase - Require lowercase letters
digit - Require digits
special-symbol - Require at least one special character (! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + - = [ ] { } |
repeat-character - Do not allow repeating characters
allow-whitespace:boolean - Allow whitespace in password
prevent-common-passwords:boolean - Do not allow forbidden passwords (see BannedPassword db table)
prevent-common-words:boolean - Do not allow forbidden words in password (see BannedPasswordWord db table)
expiration-days - Password will be expired after days
notify-before-days - Send password expiration notification before expiration days
prevent-reuse-months - Do not allow reuse of passwords during period of months
prevent-reuse-count - Do not allow reuse of a recent number of passwords

Session policy (app.user.session-policy)

session-hours - Keep session during idle period
single-session:boolean - Enforce single session for one user
single-ip-session:boolean - Enforce single user session per IP
max-login-attempts - Maximum login attempts before locking
max-attempts-timeout-minutes - Lock time after multiple login attempts
allowed-ips:array - The list of allowed IPs
blocked-ips:array - The list of blocked IPs
Each property can be set via ENVIRONMENT property by replacing ‘.’ with ‘_’ and in upper case, see examples: