Common API error codes

400 - Bad Request (If request data is invalid and doesn’t correspond to API documentation. Also can contain detailed issue description)

401 - Unauthorized (If auth token is invalid, incorrect or expired)

402 - Payment Required (if billing deny some functionality because of no payment or tariff restriction)

403 - Forbidden (if particular entity doesn’t have access or permissions to requested entity. Also can contain detailed issue description)

404 - Not Found (if requested entity doesn’t exist or deleted (in case of not soft deletion)

409 - Conflict (very rare case, appears if two entities has conflicts but usually we have retries and customer doesn’t see this error)

410 - Entity Gone (If requested entity deleted (soft deletion), as example in case if template which processed was deleted)

422 - Unprocessable Entity (if requested entity can’t be processed, as example in case of approve or reject envelope second time)

425 - Too Early (if request has been sent too early, as example appears in case if request could be sent with respective period of time but was sent earlier)

429 - Too Many Requests (If customer send too many requests to respective endpoint and exceed limits of the request)