Template Access

User can specify access level of the template, when creating and editing it.

There are four types of access on the platform:

  • access for your mailbox only

  • access for selected mailboxes(Selected mailboxes)

  • access for all mailboxes in your account(My account)

  • access for everyone on WhiteDoc(Everyone)

How to add template access?

In order set access to template,user needs go to tab “Template” and click on “Template Access”.


User can grant access to specific mailboxes. Next, you need to select edit access.


In the modal, enter: mailbox name, mailbox uuid, alias, or contact name.


When the mailbox is added, click “Save”.


Save сhanges.


After saving template, it will be available for mailboxes specified in the access. And be in the folder: “Shared with me”.