Download ZIP

Each customer who has access to envelope can download it. Customer can download full envelope or specific document from this envelope.

For download zip customer should send next api request.




Request URL


envelopeUuid (required)

Envelope UUID - which you want to download

documentId (query – optional)

Document ID of specific document which you want to download from envelope

onlyPrimaryFiles (query – optional)

boolean value which give possibility to download only primary files if true



Bearer “token” – token, which get after Authorization


mailboxUuid: mailbox id



Depends on query parameter customer can control what he will download:

  1. Send request without query parameter - download full envelope(all documents which contain envelope)

  2. Send request with documentID in query parameter - download only document which specified in query parameter

  3. Send request with onlyPrimaryFiles in query parameter - download only primary files in archive (in archive will be pdf and xml document and signatures for internal document and original document and signatures for external document)

In response will be send zip archive with documents